Following is an excerpt from my internship report submitted after my bachelors:


It has been a wonderful passage of time during my baccalaureate at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. I had first tried to enrol in ULAB in 2007 with a single subject in my Advance Level. I did not qualify. I required a minimum of two subjects to be eligible for enrolment in the university. After a long gap of studies because of work and financial constraints, I finally took the courage in fall of 2009 to start my undergrad. It still looked a long way – four years of full time education! As I reach completion of my undergrad I must mention few persons who have constantly supported me in my endeavours, kept my spirit up and who I am indebted to. Firstly, I am grateful to my Amma for her support, encouragement, prayers and celebration at every little success that I achieved in my life. She has been the most caring mother, who would wake up early in the morning to make sure I took breakfast before leaving for school and would stay up late until I arrived from my office. I remember my late father on this day for his wishes and efforts at seeing me excel and shine in my education and career. I acknowledge the support of my former features editor at New Age, Mubin S Khan for sparing me during office hours to do my classes. I am thankful to my best friend Syed Tashfin Chowdhury, for his constant support, for cracking all the bad jokes to cheer me up, for listening to my ranting and venting, and being an inspiration in many ways. Lastly but not the least, I am grateful to the management of ULAB, for providing me with a scholarship to fulfil my undergrad studies.

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Right now, right here, where am I


A note of self-realisation

They say you come to this world alone and you go alone. Yes as much as that is true, sometimes your existence is also survived because of many others connected to you. Today, once again after a long time I feel like writing, perhaps to understand myself.

I am grateful to this world for all that it has given me and also for those that it has not given to me. I am happy of the family, of my upbringing and of all the lessons this life has given me. I feel I am blessed. I am not a pious man, I may not pray as piously but I have my Almighty in heart and I fear HIM, I respect HIM and I love HIM for being there by me.

This piece of note may be considered an acknowledgement to all the people I have known so far, each of who has taught me something new.

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Of bostis, chhyamra, chheri and beautiful times

Hello pretty world,

I am writing once again. Life isn’t all that bad if you are able to filter your sorrows and depressions and live above. It’s difficult but not impossible.

After a long period as it seems I have gained the energy to write down a few good words about how beautiful life can be when you stand up to make it.

Between rocks and

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it’s a feel good experience

in the past, i have realised time and again that when you are under pressure and not under discomforting stress, you actually tend to do well with your job. i was once again like every other day brought to  that experience with an interview assignment. what makes me feel good about is being able to carry it out even on the edge of the hour. yesterday i was preparing the interview questions for sultana kamal, a former adviser to caretaker government, executive director of ain o salish kendra and an eminent human rights activist, sitting at the computer lab of my university. this morning i did her interview asking her about why she resigned from the caretaker government of iajuddin ahmed, the yearlong performance of the awami league led government and the judicial system.  this was perhaps an interview i have spent the shortest time and barely with a supplementary question. i have spent 22 mins on record of which perhaps five minutes were non-contextual. i have taken interview for the same number of pages, for the same section of the magazine spending three hours even. so that’s something that amazed me. what amazes me most is that by the end of the day, i am done with writing the interview. it’s a feel good experience.

feeling young doesn’t make you one! who says?

everything’s so momentary. tonight when i was looking at some graduation pictures of my childhood best friend’s sister, it reminded of the times when we graduated. did we know where we’d be six years down the line. one’s doing his masters, another is a financial analyst, one’s business and economic analyst, i am journalist and others are approaching the end of their bachelors.

it feels only the other day, i met some great friends at my school. i used to be a total lost in love, premature adult.  it feels only the other day i came out of school.

feeling young doesn’t make you one! who says?

too much of junk upsets your day or bemuses you. trust me!

so many things in one day! first, in the afternoon, i visit my friends at the university campus. i find out how my friend, a young lady, is playing with her boyfriend’s emotion. She knows that he cares about her but, she wants to make sure that he is fully attentive and committed to her. So i realise how some women are never satisfied with their lives and love.

and then,

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