Reflections about my work

After nine years of working in one of the most dynamic departments of New Age, I have moved to manage a new section. I have been asked to manage the most cursed department of the newspaper – a section that not only suffers a lack of identity but also has miserably failed to find a consistent leadership. I have come in after four persons were given responsibility to manage the section, and all of them have landed outside the office some way or the other. There’s very little incentive I see to be excited about given the current state of the section and with the constraints in resources. But on the brighter side, the expectation is usually very little from the least performing, which gives me room to turn it around.

I have been best as a field reporter and frankly a journalist is best known for their work in the field. But with changes in time and personal circumstances, I had however, considered extending my experience to a team of writers to get better results than I could get alone for the department. But that didn’t work out well. Some work is best left to the top because you can do only so much.

The work of journalism is liquid. You can apply the skills anywhere so long you have the passion to do it. Even a couple of years ago I never thought business journalism would be an area I would specialize but today people pay to hear my take on doing business in Bangladesh.

The new department that I have been asked to look after is the most looked down section of the paper. In fact before I took charge of it, I never really considered this integral to the paper, not because the section is less important but it simply did not hold an appeal for me. And now that is what I have to turn around. Today is the first change in the layout I bring to the page since I have taken over last week.


Memories of Mosaic

Mosaic 2013 familyIt’s amazing how two weeks have nested a family so big that dots over the world. I have returned home only this morning and I am terribly missing all of you at Mosaic Summit 2013. The early morning walks (and sometimes runs :P) for breakfast at Greenwich to the sessions at Queen Ann Hall with all the amazing speakers, the friendships we have made, the grand visit to Clarence House to meet HRH The Prince of Wales and so many more keep coming back to my mind now. It was a privilege how Prince Charles made the time to meet and speak to everyone of us. I was amazed by how Princess Badiya recognized me at once at the Clarence House. This is the first time I have met someone with such a sharp memory or the likes of her effort to remember people! A week to the trip, we moved to Cambridge, the city of colleges and universities and great architectures. Binna and 

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A brief about Mosaic delegates from Bangladesh

Mosaic Bangladesh Team 2013Finally, it seems I have brought things slightly in shape. It’s probably time I feel a little excited about my trip to UK for the Mosaic International Leadership Programme. For the whole week until yesterday, I had filed ten reports for the new Monitor venture, one cover story for New Age Xtra. Those are besides the regular edits and tentative planning for the magazine I had to make before I board my flight tonight.

Coming back to Mosaic, last week, the eight Bangladeshis selected for the 2013 leadership summit to be held between September 8 and 21 met for an informal introduction. To simply put, it is a fascinating combination. It’s a mix of development practitioners, engineer, physician and journalist that would represent Bangladesh at this year’s programme.

A total of 64 delegates from across the world are expected to participate at this year’s programme with eight group leaders, who were delegates in the past two leadership programmes. Mosaic is founded by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Here’s a brief introduction about the Bangladeshis about to disperse among the eight global mix of groups:

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A note of self-realisation

They say you come to this world alone and you go alone. Yes as much as that is true, sometimes your existence is also survived because of many others connected to you. Today, once again after a long time I feel like writing, perhaps to understand myself.

I am grateful to this world for all that it has given me and also for those that it has not given to me. I am happy of the family, of my upbringing and of all the lessons this life has given me. I feel I am blessed. I am not a pious man, I may not pray as piously but I have my Almighty in heart and I fear HIM, I respect HIM and I love HIM for being there by me.

This piece of note may be considered an acknowledgement to all the people I have known so far, each of who has taught me something new.

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Beginning of a new life, a new dawn

April 18, around 6:30am

That everything happened so fast, that God would listen to my wishes and give me such a beautiful gift in space of such a short time, that once a dream would turn into a reality that too this perfectly, it has yet to sink in me. I have finally found my love of life. All that longing for the kind of a girlfriend I have always wanted to have, when she appeared before my eyes, all those worries, depressions and sorrows about life seemed to just fade away, as I found that womb of love, affection and care into her.

I love you world. I have started to understand you better. April 17, 2010. This day, this year, had everything

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Of bostis, chhyamra, chheri and beautiful times

Hello pretty world,

I am writing once again. Life isn’t all that bad if you are able to filter your sorrows and depressions and live above. It’s difficult but not impossible.

After a long period as it seems I have gained the energy to write down a few good words about how beautiful life can be when you stand up to make it.

Between rocks and

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