Every passing day, I only realise how better I could have made use of my past. I tell people to think positive, to look at things positively and be optimistic about everything, instead of being critical on everything about life. But on the contrary I am someone, who is more in the nature of punishing myself with utter sorrows, grievances about how I could have lived my life and what I haven’t done. I blame myself for almost everything I could not do. I know this is crazy and weird but this is how I am.

This way of thinking really does not take anyone anywhere. Unless you know how to reinvigorate yourself, you really cannot go far to discover your potentials and learn the brighter sides of you. If only what I am saying, I applied on myself, perhaps I could do much better but I do not know where I fail to follow my own principles and beliefs about life. This piece of writing is an effort to open my mind, my inner feelings, what I think and what I want to say.

Hi, I am sure my posts for most don’t make sense. I am not a regular blogger. I write when I have the mood, the sudden urge that excites me to write on my blog. There are times when I do not visit my blog for months and there are also the times, when I visit it almost everyday. There are times when I blog four or five posts a month and there are also those times when I post four or five in one night.

I write everything that interests me. This blog is just a writing space where I write at my liberty. Here is no restriction to my emotion and expression. Here is also no restriction to the crazy imaginations.

This is more like a diary where I keep short notes to things that randomly come to my mind. It’s a mind uncontrolled, unrestrained. It helps me relieve myself. I call it a moment with yourself for yourself.


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