Reflections about my work

After nine years of working in one of the most dynamic departments of New Age, I have moved to manage a new section. I have been asked to manage the most cursed department of the newspaper – a section that not only suffers a lack of identity but also has miserably failed to find a consistent leadership. I have come in after four persons were given responsibility to manage the section, and all of them have landed outside the office some way or the other. There’s very little incentive I see to be excited about given the current state of the section and with the constraints in resources. But on the brighter side, the expectation is usually very little from the least performing, which gives me room to turn it around.

I have been best as a field reporter and frankly a journalist is best known for their work in the field. But with changes in time and personal circumstances, I had however, considered extending my experience to a team of writers to get better results than I could get alone for the department. But that didn’t work out well. Some work is best left to the top because you can do only so much.

The work of journalism is liquid. You can apply the skills anywhere so long you have the passion to do it. Even a couple of years ago I never thought business journalism would be an area I would specialize but today people pay to hear my take on doing business in Bangladesh.

The new department that I have been asked to look after is the most looked down section of the paper. In fact before I took charge of it, I never really considered this integral to the paper, not because the section is less important but it simply did not hold an appeal for me. And now that is what I have to turn around. Today is the first change in the layout I bring to the page since I have taken over last week.


One thought on “Reflections about my work

  1. And we, the Ham-maniacs, have all the faith that you will turn this ‘problem child’ of a department into a ‘cash cow’ for New Age (a bit of business journalism jargon there). In no time, you will be in a position to tell the problems afflicting the new department the same thing a certain loser had said:’Wank yourselves’!

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