Memories of Mosaic

Mosaic 2013 familyIt’s amazing how two weeks have nested a family so big that dots over the world. I have returned home only this morning and I am terribly missing all of you at Mosaic Summit 2013. The early morning walks (and sometimes runs :P) for breakfast at Greenwich to the sessions at Queen Ann Hall with all the amazing speakers, the friendships we have made, the grand visit to Clarence House to meet HRH The Prince of Wales and so many more keep coming back to my mind now. It was a privilege how Prince Charles made the time to meet and speak to everyone of us. I was amazed by how Princess Badiya recognized me at once at the Clarence House. This is the first time I have met someone with such a sharp memory or the likes of her effort to remember people! A week to the trip, we moved to Cambridge, the city of colleges and universities and great architectures. Binna and Peace RoomStuart’s sessions of searching for factors that make a leader and finding solutions to problems were fascinating. Coaching Basma for her Chocolate Cafe and persuading Uzma to keep my cat were awesome! My guilt trip worked on Uzma, even though you were reluctant to admit. 😛 Made some great friends, heard some great personal stories. The group works and presentations all are now in memories. The hangouts at the end of the day were some very beautiful moments that comes on rare occasions like this and makes a “family out of strangers”. Then there were the peace room gossips at night with another great group of people. I was just probably getting the hang of mafia and civilians when the clock started ticking for my flight back home. Thanks to Nizam for introducing the game. The guardian angel Billie turned rogue for her innocence acted up on her. 😛 Nice tweak! I would miss Spanish Grande at Mac and subway burgers and Costa and so many more things. The drizzles in the winter often made me lazy to even get out for dinner but eventually I would end up going out with some great companies. Now it appears time passed faster than we expected. There will always be the longing to meet all of you again. Not to disappoint Jonathan, we have also taken the leadership bits of what it takes to become a leader from Mosaic, which I hope will be reflected in our efforts as we move on. Thanks Mosaic. 🙂


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