A brief about Mosaic delegates from Bangladesh

Mosaic Bangladesh Team 2013Finally, it seems I have brought things slightly in shape. It’s probably time I feel a little excited about my trip to UK for the Mosaic International Leadership Programme. For the whole week until yesterday, I had filed ten reports for the new Monitor venture, one cover story for New Age Xtra. Those are besides the regular edits and tentative planning for the magazine I had to make before I board my flight tonight.

Coming back to Mosaic, last week, the eight Bangladeshis selected for the 2013 leadership summit to be held between September 8 and 21 met for an informal introduction. To simply put, it is a fascinating combination. It’s a mix of development practitioners, engineer, physician and journalist that would represent Bangladesh at this year’s programme.

A total of 64 delegates from across the world are expected to participate at this year’s programme with eight group leaders, who were delegates in the past two leadership programmes. Mosaic is founded by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Here’s a brief introduction about the Bangladeshis about to disperse among the eight global mix of groups:

Reema Islam is an ex-USAID project official and an ardent culinary enthusiast with a catering service called Soup and Salad. It’s like saying eat on treat!

Mehnaz Morshed Disha works at Counterpart International with a passion for photography. When she says she’s invisible on facebook, it’s actually her mind fooling with her. They call it “hiding with your eyes closed.”

Abdul Quayyum is a communications coordinator at the Oxfam and to caution you all, he is “armed” with gadgets.

Robayt Khondoker works with Dr Yunus at the Yunus Centre and looks after political affairs.

Shajedur Rahman Shawon is a research associate at the James P Grant School of Public Health at Brac University. He was initially a sprinter but now has settled down between home and work.

Nusrat Khan Majlish is the daughter of the only Majlish dynasty on earth, an engineer at Chevron. When somebody gives her floor to speak, she sees this as “your mission, should you choose to speak.” And it never ends.

Nazmul Haque Hirok is a group leader at this year’s leadership summit and has left before us to UK, to grab the seat, bed, food, fun and everything. He works at the British Council and is an active citizen with a skill of “decent photography”.

Me: I am the biggest mistake in this group. I am a journalist. 😛

This is probably the last time I am making fun before a two-week rigorous mental drill. On a more serious note, I am looking forward to this opportunity and feeling privileged.


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