A note of self-realisation

They say you come to this world alone and you go alone. Yes as much as that is true, sometimes your existence is also survived because of many others connected to you. Today, once again after a long time I feel like writing, perhaps to understand myself.

I am grateful to this world for all that it has given me and also for those that it has not given to me. I am happy of the family, of my upbringing and of all the lessons this life has given me. I feel I am blessed. I am not a pious man, I may not pray as piously but I have my Almighty in heart and I fear HIM, I respect HIM and I love HIM for being there by me.

This piece of note may be considered an acknowledgement to all the people I have known so far, each of who has taught me something new.

I am proud to have a family that despite all the economic hurdles and materialistic crises has had the integrity at heart to maintain strong connections, between parents and children and siblings. There have been major downs and still, we have managed to live together, by each other and for each other. Knowing how to value relationships is a priceless influence I have had on me from my family.

Outside of my family, there is a whole range of people I have had acquaintances with. Interestingly, not all have been as good but nonetheless, those acquaintances too had taught me lessons of how not to be them.

I have seen some families and my contemporaries grow up lavishly with abundant materialistic happiness, however, without a heart and absence of emotional values. They possess the social status but look inside, there’s a void of attachment and intensity that they never bother to fill up in the rush for that materialistic happiness, wants and desires.

I am happy with all the precious possessions I have. I may not have the best of all that many would compare and evaluate my possessions with, but I never ask for those standards.

At this age and stage of my life, I have to work and interact with different kinds of people, sometimes be nice and diplomatic to many who I would not like to even interact with and at the same be harsh and rude to some people who I would never want to part with, but that is a part of life. At heart and in my personal life I will never want to tolerate such dualism. I believe in a simple lifestyle. The more you complicate yourself, the worse you bring on to yourself and it turns out into a mess. Simplicity is the best way of living life. As long as you know what you are doing, as long as you are not imposing anything on yourself outside of your will, you can never be moved from your principles. Commitments, morals, dedication, sincerity, affection, attachment and promises are my assets. I don’t need more, I can’t ask for more.


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