Beginning of a new life, a new dawn

April 18, around 6:30am

That everything happened so fast, that God would listen to my wishes and give me such a beautiful gift in space of such a short time, that once a dream would turn into a reality that too this perfectly, it has yet to sink in me. I have finally found my love of life. All that longing for the kind of a girlfriend I have always wanted to have, when she appeared before my eyes, all those worries, depressions and sorrows about life seemed to just fade away, as I found that womb of love, affection and care into her.

I love you world. I have started to understand you better. April 17, 2010. This day, this year, had everything I could ask for. It just stamps the most important day of my life. From the first day we got introduced to each other through a common friend on April 8, you have always been in my mind. You are so right. The only reason we could get together so quick was only because it clicked so well. I would have never been able to take the first step.

Through yourself you have found me every reason to live. I am starting to understand the meaning of my life. I am so happy I have found my world. I have found my girl in who I have my world. You are a blessing. It’s a beautiful world, full of surprises.

Had you not come into my life, I would never have thought so deeply about myself or what lies in the future. Life would just have been for as long as it had to go. But now it has started to have deeper meanings. We need to live it up for each other.

Having gone through some of worst times of life, incapable of changing what was happening around, I had actually lost hope of living any better than how it had been. With you, as I have confessed, I want to see the horizon that holds our future.

‘I want to stand with you on the mountain, I want to bathe with you in the sea, I want to live like this forever, until the sky falls down on me,’ just a line from the Savage Garden which reads my feelings for you at this hour and since the time we met.

I love you so much. Can’t get my eyes off you. Can’t think about anything else other than you. You are my world.

I can feel the sense of responsibility finding a deeper meaning. Together we will live here in this earth and hereafter. I need your confidence. I need you to be the way you are. There is no other thing I need in this world when I have you. And with you I can overcome whatever trouble that comes along. I love you. It’s 6:58 in the morning. If I am writing this post at this time, it is because I am that excited to begin my day thinking about you.


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