Of bostis, chhyamra, chheri and beautiful times

Hello pretty world,

I am writing once again. Life isn’t all that bad if you are able to filter your sorrows and depressions and live above. It’s difficult but not impossible.

After a long period as it seems I have gained the energy to write down a few good words about how beautiful life can be when you stand up to make it.

Between rocks and pebbles, in the middle of a fast moving crowd of people and sometimes all alone in a strange road in the evening under the street light, between a horizon full of dreams and sometimes nothing at sight, life’s a journey awarded by the one up there, who, if pleased can make hell into heaven. One moment you are down and the next moment you are up or someone pulls you up. I know this may sound ambiguous and I don’t want to break the ambiguity. From own experience over the past many years, all I have learnt about life is that it takes its own course. Life is as it is. It goes on for as long as it is. But nonetheless it’s written and not to be disclosed until the time comes. That’s what makes surprises pleasant.

The care, the attention, the curiosity, the emotions, the expression, the similarities, the madness, the confidence, the strength, it seems all a mirror, in fact better than that. Life’s taken a flight to cloud nine over the past few days.

Haven’t slept the last night (April 15), and yet have summed the day up pretty well. As they (so does Paulo Coelho in Alchemist) say, when you give your heart out to do something, the whole world conspires to help you out. Where does the world/life take from here? Is this the beginning of a new dawn?


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