This week this year

Finally finished a long pending assignment. But that was just the trailer for the week to show all the nightmares. The newspaper house is planning its yearly special supplement, heroes for which I have been assigned to profile one of veteran doctors, a freedom fighter and also a political person once, Dr Quazi Quamruzzaman. As much as I would appreciate being selected to interview him by the editor, I am all the more concerned if I was the appropriate person to profile a person of his stature, especially when he is a close friend of the editor and also the publisher. The rational behind my editor picking me for his profile is owed to Dr Zaman liking me all along the time during his past acquaintances with me. Having worked with him earlier on health issues, I assume I have set such an impression on him, that the words have reached to the editor. As much as it feels good knowing so, I am all the more nervous about the profile I have made of him. It is difficult to quite catch up with a person who has a historic past, from his student politics to liberation war movement and his immense contribution in the healthcare. With my least interest on reading books and having born much after the liberation war, I am always cornered as soon as histories and historic people come to my plate of food. It’s just embarrassing when you are not up to the speed. Anyways, having secured myself in his good books, I have been able to get all his support in spite of some stupid goof-ups. Now with my fingers crossed I am only hoping I have done justice portraying him. In the process, he has strongly advised me to accompany him to the villages across the country and learn about various things. He also suggests that I accompany him when he sits with his friends Moudud Ahmed, Rashed Khan Menon and all the other political personalities to learn about his past and their friendships. Now how is that possible when you have to file your story in two days? 🙂 Done with two pieces in a week, I have been filled with yet troublesome piece in my bucket. The India-Bangladesh relations and the latest prime ministerial agreements! My editor has just published his editorials and op-eds criticising the prime-minister’s agreements giving away most of Bangladesh’s cards to India. Tomorrow evening, I’d be interviewing a former state minister for foreign affairs on the issue. As much as the former state minister is looking forward to the meeting, I am banging my head against the wall for the same. Of all the people, I had to be the person doing the interview. My feature editor initially assigned himself for the interview but soon enough the editor intervened with his heroes project, assigning him with two other profiles. Honestly, I have been thinking of the profiles and the interviews even in the sleep in the past two days and the sleeps weren’t sound enough. What better can you expect from an insecure man? The only good thing that happened this week was my result. Five years later, when I have finally joined university, I have secured A grades in my first semester. There’s still a subject more to decide the ultimate grade for the semester though.


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