Give me another chance to grow up once again

Just finished watching 3 idiots. In simple words the movie is a great entertainment. it has got emotion, it has the wit and humour, some unrealistic moments and yet a totally charming performance by Amir Khan, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. Coming from the director Rajkumar Hirani and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra of Munna Bhai and Lage Raho Munna Bhai, the movie had to be mindblowing. Amir has performed amazingly as a young college student with the ideal expressions and mindset of a youth in college. So was the performance of Madhavan and Sharman. I would say Bollywood’s biggest celebrities are doing pretty well in performing the younger characters, Rancho for Amir and Auro for Amitabh. In fact Amir is a step ahead for his much appreciated taare zamin paar -a unique concept that he thought so well from the mindset of a child.

be that as it may, i enjoyed 3 idiots thoroughly. to critique it i would say the delivery of (Mona Singh) mona’s child is purely unrealistic even though it would gain a lot of hands for the dramatic delivery that (Amir) Rancho performs in a waterlogged monsoon night. with (Kareena Kapoor) Pia stuck at her hospital, she assists Rancho on webcam to perform the delivery of her sister. Rancho uses his inverter to generate electricity in a university room, makes a suction crown and with that he also makes a succeful delivery of the child.

Rushing (Sharman) Raju’s paralysed bedridden father to the hospital on Pia’s scooty after his heart attack was little too exaggerating. in that regards even Raju committing suicide from (Boman Irani) Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe aka Virus’s office, which is above five or six floors and yet surviving is also not quite possible. I am talking about the scene where Professor Virus gave Raju the choice to rusticate himself or his best buddy Rancho for trespassing his house the past night and urinating at his doorstep.

in spite of some of these unrealistic plots, the movie manages to convey messages to the audiences. it tells parents that they should not force their children to become doctor or engineer against their will. it is unlikely that they will be able to deliver well in subject that they are not interested. instead if they are given the liberty to pick their subject of preference, they are likely to excel in that. a lot of students commit suicide for not being able to live up to their parents’ expectation or achieve the much expected grade. one of the college students approached professor virus to find out about seat reservation at the convocation because his father planned to invite members of his village at the programme to welcome the first son of the village as engineer. professor virus shatters his excitement saying that he will not pass until he completes his project. all he wanted was an extension of sometime and he could get through with his graduation but he lost all the hope at the arrogant rejection of the professor. he dumped the flying object that he made for his project. Amir watched the conversation between the student and professor virus. he picked up the flying object from the bin and finished its pending works to surprise the student. but that day the student had hung himself against the ceiling fan in his room.

another message in the movie is the conventional or rather a medieval system of education where the teachers only accept answers that exact the language of the book. amir’s problem is his ability to simplify subjects he studied in his language. but the teacher would not accept his definition unless they match the exact words of the book. on contrary, (Omi Vaidya) Chatur Ramalingam aka Silencer, who was “born in Uganda and brought up in Pondicherry” as he proudly says, would memorise the whole book before his exam and yet come out second. to teach silencer a lesson, Rancho and (Madhavan) Farhan Qureshi play a prank on him. they tweak the welcome message of a college ceremony that Silencer would read out later. in place of addressing professor virus a wonderful person, Rancho and Farhan replaced the word wonderful with rapist. leaving the event’s guests rolling on the floor out of Silencer’s remarks the script also explained the consequence of memorising. During the whole address Silencer flawlessly kept addressing Professor Virus a rapist (in place of a wonderful man) and appreciated for all the rapes (in place of wonderful works) he did.

as a student with knack for studies since his childhood, amir would top in his exams everytime. Raju and Farhan would however be the last two students of the class. in spite of the differences, the three are best friends. and together they play a number of pranks on Professor virus, Silencer and other teachers. on the romantic end of the story, Pia, the daughter of Professor virus, ends up with Rancho after he provides her with some free advices that really works for her to make decisions in life.

at the end of the day, i would say the movie is a great watch.


7 thoughts on “Give me another chance to grow up once again

  1. Agree with the criticism, but this is one of the rare Hindi movies, which is not typically Hindi! Liked it very much! People can watch this twice-in one go!

  2. Saad!! Extremely well written!
    You should make it more of a habit for various movies and possibly go further in the ‘critics’ department!

    However, how can there be any critiques without any opposition? That is when i step in.

    “i would say the delivery of (Mona Singh) mona’s child is purely unrealistic ” quoting from you, which part did you find unrealistic? The fact that he made the necessary equipment? I think the reason why Kareena kapoor mentions right at the beginning of the scene somewhere in the lines of “before, they did not have such equipment” thus trying to erase from people’s minds that you do not need a doctor precisely there to do all the work. I do no know how credible it still is, but yet maybe still possible?

    That was a minor point I wanted to get out of the way. I do agree about your statement of taking a paralyzed personnel to a hospital in that manner was very far stretched.
    Saad, there are certain things that tend to make me shift to the opposite direction.
    First of all, to point out this statement “it tells parents that they should not force their children to become doctor or engineer against their will” I somewhat disagree with that. In countries like ours especially Bangladesh we are unfortunately only directed to few majors and have no where else to go. Even though the scope is increasing and opportunities are improving, we are always stuck to certain principles in our country since it is the most profitable. Our fathers and forefathers have chosen similar pathways and have seen that we need to go through a certain direction to become successful. Only a handful can reach what they aim. For example, the happy ending with the photographer actually becoming a great photographer and writing books made him famous, what if he had not been able to write books, etc, would that have been a best choice to go into photography? Commerce, accounting, engineering, biology, journalism, all have some sort of future set for us and is not something we bet our cards on, only hoping to get a royal flush(poker terms) each time.

    Next, the professor not giving him an extension.
    First, the student has to face facts and not kill himself because he could not finish it on time. The fact remains that he was lagging behind and so according to school policy had not finished his requirements to be eligible for it. Yes, the teacher could have been more understanding, but that scene only encourages other students to follow in his footsteps for any mistakes, lapses or problems that the student has encountered and find an easy solution out! The suicide was no one else to blame but the kid himself. He had not finished his project, and he could not make it fly! It seriously is not that easy to get something accepted if your not done with it. Its reality, not a death bed!

    I had one more point, but I forgot. 😛

    To summarize, we are studying certain fields because the scope is limited in our country and i thought the teacher had no fault when he said that the student cannot get an extension. It was harsh but again reality.

    Saad, sorry if i sound cold-hearted, but believe me I loved the movie and the critique you gave, I just wanted to counter argue it somehow.

    You told me to watch this movie and I now I wish I had earlier!

    Saad, write more reviews!

    1. awesome! dosto your comment is nearly as big as the review. found it interesting and i loved it. looks you have had a hard time to prepare an alternate opinion for the sake of doing it 😛 but I’d still counter it.
      about the delivery, using technology such as webcam and airtel internet 😛 to facilitate the delivery at home is all fine but had there been a semi-doctor or a dai (village ladies who perform the natural deliveries) it could have been justified. but a guy with no know-how or previous hands on experience, would think ten times to perform such a delivery because it poses risk on the woman and also the baby. Besides, one also needs to look at the overall situation. moving a pregnant woman from one place to another on hand, i don’t know how safe that is. besides, all the university students extending hands for arranging the logistics and everything is indeed a great effort and adds the excitement and anxiety but at the end of the day I am still not sure how practical that is. nonetheless, I also enjoyed believing in it.
      my argument centres exactly on where you stress. About parents forcing their children to become doctor and engineer. i second your opinion about the limitation of scopes and that opportunities are increasing. but by dictating or narrowing the scope for children to become either doctor or engineer for the prestige and success they hold, may not result the ideal. From the reality’s point of view, look at the mushrooms of BBA graduates in Bangladesh. the number is incalculable. obviously many are earning with both their hands full but there are many who do not even know how to apply their skills, let aside the job market crisis. My point here is that, every person has certain qualities gifted and if they exercise them and explore them well, they are likely to make the best of it’ be it a scientist, doctor, engineer or an artist, there is a higher chance of the person excelling in what they are best at.
      after all the movie follows the theme, ‘chase excellence and success will follow’. you do not necessarily have to chase success first. In case of the photographer, he had to step out of the country to fulfil his dream. the message also points out that you have to explore your options. profit or higher income is not always at the taste as long as one is able to live a decent lifestyle to his choice. take the photographer’s character for example. he didn’t run after the money, he went for his preferred line of work. so, not every person has the same objective in life.
      as you have rightly mentioned, ‘For example, the happy ending with the photographer actually becoming a great photographer and writing books made him famous, what if he had not been able to write books, etc, would that have been a best choice to go into photography?’
      of course that would not have been his best choice and it would have been a disaster for him. but then one must know what he is good at, through the transition of his/her life. In our schooldays when teachers asked what we want to become when we grow up, most of us answered between, 1. Pilot, 2. Doctor and 3. Engineer. think about it 😀 did we all end up becoming one of the three? 😛
      who knew that within each of us, perhaps there lies more than those three line of works. who knew that one can become a writer, a politician, a historian or go on to develop interest on these line of works? (tor moddhe oboshsho engineer tai chhilo like Rancho had it in him and he made his choice knowing what he is best at :P)
      your last point about the kid committing suicide is accepted. but then again, going by the movie’s context, it emphasises on the pressure students are put in from various corners, from teachers and parents for fulfilling a certain standard which they are not at the liberty to decide. under such pressure, in reality there are many such instances of suicides some of which come to news and many similar incidents, dropouts at the least go off the track.
      there was one more point, but you forgot! 😛
      to summerise in my language 😀 which somewhat also relates to yours, we are studying certain fields because the scope is limited in our country but you should not limit your knowledge to those certain fields. discover yourself, find out what interests you most. in this age, you have a lot of ways to make your way out. once you do it your way, you know your responsibility of fulfilling it and standing up to it. you do not have anyone to blame for your failure and so you better know what you are doing. with knowledge there’s everything you can do, but there are some things that are just gifted in you.

      and I need alternate opinions like yours to do better. 😉
      3 idiots rocks!

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