first note of the year

Happy New Year! On that note, I also begin the first post of the year. Today I finished the final of my first semester. This leaves 11 more of such before I become a bachelor of social science. It took me long to get started with studies after I took a gap from it. But now I am excited.

Tonight I plan to celebrate my break watching a movie. I don’t know which one. While that’s about my plan for the night, the winter and cold waves have chilled the Dhaka city and at a greater scale elsewhere in Bangladesh. One of my friends was telling me that Rajshahi recorded nine degree celsius. My mom called me when I was at office, asking me to come home early because the weather becomes colder here as the night progresses. A second cold wave is likely to hit soon in the city in the next few days. I just recovered from a serious fever, cough and cold that appeared right before my exams and has almost gone away with my exams.

Already a number of people have died of cold this year. The toll only increases with the fall in temperature. Organising relief and winter clothes for the poor and homeless is indeed a very noble job and I would request every Bangladeshi to make an effort in contributing to the cause. There are hundreds of homeless people within the Dhaka city, one need not look far, where people are making their living on the footpaths, shivering in cold. A little donation of an old warm clothe is not likely to cost much of an effort, time or loss. All one needs is the effort to do so. It is time to come forward and collect those warm clothes and distribute among groups of people or individuals in whatever scale possible. I am sure there are several groups collecting warm clothes for distribution. Corporate organisations do it, some of the academic institutions are doing it, even the bloggers community I believe will have similar efforts. If one looks around, he will find a place to be a part of the effort. Make the winter pleasant and livable for those underprivileged just as you live it up under the blanket or covering up yourself.


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