last note of the year

it’s the last day of the year 2009. the clock’s ticking to its 12 o’clock threshold for the end of the  day but it wouldn’t quite end there. beginning tonight, the clock will be reversed by an hour to go back to Bangladesh’s geographic timing. thus, the 31st will last for 25 hours. for the party goers, how better could it be than celebrating the new year twice!

i would however, be spending my new year at home watching the new year entertainment on television. though there were plans to go out with friends on the 31st, but dear fever has paid a surprise visit to my health along with cold and cough. so right now, i am entertaining them with paracetamol, cough syrups and black pepper. since morning i have cancelled at least three hangout plans for the day. damn! and right now, my partner in the 31st night party is my computer and dear wordpress.

since morning i’ve spent my day at home until the evening, when i had eventually stepped out for office. not that it was urgent but i didn’t want to end the year with an absence on the attendance log. one of oldest staffs of the newspaper house i work in, has resigned today. beginning tomorrow, he starts his day at a new office, a news agency. it’s actually challenging to explore yourself in different ways at different times in different avenues.

while that’s one news for my year ending day, my boss updates me with the news of  brac founder, fazle hasan abed being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. he will now be referred to as sir fazle hasan abed for his contribution to reduce poverty and empower the poor. beginning tomorrow, the magazine i write for, will come out shrunk  in size. no, we are not short of ideas or stories but this has something to do with the paper production and availability. but that makes a new avatar for the magazine in the new year.

oh and this year, i have got my new laptop, hp mini. i have also changed my cell phone that i bought at the beginning of the year with an once dear friend who chose it for me. but the good news is, i have got a better cell phone of my own choice. the Nokia E71! and as i write this post, my phone’s dealing the storm of new year wishes.

to begin with the sad part of the year, beginning this year, my father passed away on January 19. he was followed by my maternal aunt on July 16. i miss you abba and i also miss my boro khala.

my random memory about the year, reminds me of my colleague-turned-friend’s wedding. my best friend, who i have lately named dhudoo (as in dude), is having the time of his life with his wife in Kuala Lampur, Langkawi and Singapore and tagging every new specie and object with my name on facebook. one of my very good friends has cut off our friendship quite absurdly, for a reason i am unaware of. my former boss and also my mentor has quit the newspaper house. my childhood best friend has started his masters at george mason university. don’t think that i am not thinking about what i have done this year, i am also asking the same question as you. (what have you done throughout the year?) well, i have attended my friend’s wedding, saw the pictures dhudoo tagged me, accepted the loss of a friend, witnessed my mentor’s departure from the house and concentrated on studies after many years.

so how was your 2009?


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