celebrating Bangladesh!

two days ago when i first noticed some cars carrying Bangladesh flag on their side stands, some tying them up with their antennas at the back or at the top front, they highly aroused me with the spirit of nationalism. in the days that followed, the number of cars and people flaunting the red and green national flag of Bangladesh began increasing. i observed the cars passing with a flag on their top become more frequent. the flag sellers shouldering the long poles have also frequented the streets of the dhaka city.

i really enjoyed the sight in the last couple of days. many have put on the flags in different ways. some have been wearing them as bandannas, some as wrist bands and some tied them with their bags. i have got one for myself today and put it on as a bandanna. the sudden surge of people using the national flag as their outfits one way or other, infers a lot of patriotic passion and pride.

the older generation may argue, that the youths of today are losing all the patriotism. they are wiping out their history by adapting themselves to the western culture. they do not know much about their own history, their own identity.

i would beg to differ. thirty-eight years have passed since our liberation. the mainstream generation or those who were born in 1971, do not have a total picture of the war. unless you have experienced something by yourself, you are not likely to feel the same intensity or attachment as the person who had fought in the war, who have the scars on their mind and physique. thus, the older generation may regret the youth for not having the same level of patriotism as them.

being a part of the younger generation, i believe you need to know about your identity and history. at least that is how the sense of patriotism appears in every heart and soul. however, the level of knowledge is likely to vary. history is revised every five years when the government changes. there’s no point in blaming the younger generation. the political parties have tweaked the history enough.

what remains most important is the future of leadership and how the country is celebrated by its youth in an independent nation. as long as the sense of nationalism exists, the respect for the history will remain.

today, many youths may be wearing the national flag to style themselves on the victory day but what it appears to me is them taking the pride in wearing the national flag. they may not completely know about the past, how the nine months of liberation war went, the history of each area liberated, the history of razakars, al-badrs, collaborators and pakistani occupants, they may not have the same emotion for the repression and oppression on our women and children of this soil during the period, but today, born in an independent nation they are all victorious.

i have my salute and respect for the martyred intellectuals, the martyrs of liberation war and all the war heroes for they have won us a country like Bangladesh. no matter which class we belong to, the working or the business, we are all Bangladeshis. i am a proud Bangladeshi. i love my country. today when i am writing this note, i have the flag on me and tomorrow on the victory day, i will be celebrating the day fully.


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