street markings and signals abided in dhaka

is this really dhaka? i was amazed to see vehicles assembling in rows behind a white street marking in the city. this is something i have never seen happen in dhaka or anywhere in bangladesh. for the first time, it seemed the signals were indicating the right light for the right movement. pedestrians crossing the street on red light, vehicles driving on green light.

this actually calls for a celebration if this actually lasts and calls for a permanent change to the traffic system and people’s mindset towards following street signals. the newspapers are always critical, pointing out the failures of the government to really manage the situation. but i am nonetheless impressed by the effort and optimistic that they will be able to bring some change for the good.

the police commissioner in the last few days have been actively visiting and dropping by the streets to observe the traffic management. he has laid out lanes for micros, buses, cngs and taxi cabs. it’s difficult to come under discipline right away but if the effort continues, then this practice of respecting signals, easing the traffic will indeed take Bangladesh a long way. at least this will take the country a step further towards adapting a change for the good.

i have waited three green lights before the vehicles started to move but it still was on a green light that the vehicles drove out of the traffic signal. this is restoration of civilisation. not that i am a follower of book and rules. riding on the pavements, using the slightest gap of space to the advantage during the chaotic traffic jams are in blood and veins of the every motorcyclist in town and i am no exception. but trust me, even i was inspired to stand behind the white street marking. they say, you take the lead and others will follow you and so i thought why not try it for once when so many others are doing it. may be i will also lead many others who would otherwise have given a damn to the change.

and as i ride home from my office at the fall of dusk, the free space on otherwise the busiest and most chaotic roundabout at Kazi Nazrul Islam avenue and the car lights glowing from the four ends of the roundabout, gives me the pleasure and passage of a free ride.

all the best to the nation and it’s people. may you be as nice always.


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