it’s a feel good experience

in the past, i have realised time and again that when you are under pressure and not under discomforting stress, you actually tend to do well with your job. i was once again like every other day brought to  that experience with an interview assignment. what makes me feel good about is being able to carry it out even on the edge of the hour. yesterday i was preparing the interview questions for sultana kamal, a former adviser to caretaker government, executive director of ain o salish kendra and an eminent human rights activist, sitting at the computer lab of my university. this morning i did her interview asking her about why she resigned from the caretaker government of iajuddin ahmed, the yearlong performance of the awami league led government and the judicial system.  this was perhaps an interview i have spent the shortest time and barely with a supplementary question. i have spent 22 mins on record of which perhaps five minutes were non-contextual. i have taken interview for the same number of pages, for the same section of the magazine spending three hours even. so that’s something that amazed me. what amazes me most is that by the end of the day, i am done with writing the interview. it’s a feel good experience.


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