too much of junk upsets your day or bemuses you. trust me!

so many things in one day! first, in the afternoon, i visit my friends at the university campus. i find out how my friend, a young lady, is playing with her boyfriend’s emotion. She knows that he cares about her but, she wants to make sure that he is fully attentive and committed to her. So i realise how some women are never satisfied with their lives and love.

and then, after spending some unproductive hours by the rifles lake at Dhanmondi I go to my workplace. spend some more unproductive hours as it ought to be a day before the holidays begin for eid. and then I go and pick my friend from his home and together we go to a&w. burgers are nowadays called papas and grand papas or so we learn.

as evening calls for late evening, we ride our way to banani to get some new movies as they happen to be my ass-like-friend’s lifeblood or sleeping pill. oh and i also learn that there happens to be something called a sleeper cell in your brain that has to do with hypnotising and programming your brain in certain ways.

everyone seems to be on a very good mood or more on ripping-off mood. everywhere i park my bike, the guard offers a rather too polite greeting. which basically calls for sparing five to ten bucks at the least. while that strikes my mind, it had to be on the same day and right on the moment of rush as i prepare to leave the city for holiday that my bike’s tyre punctures on the street. what a way to add pain in life.

my ass-like-friend, had to leave. and so at banani, where there is no workshop having the expertise to repair my scooter, i basically had to wait for my mechanic to come all the way from katabon. now that calls for an additional, uncalled, unanticipated 140 bucks. thank god the road was banani 11. at least i could find places to fill my stomach with some delicacies like the club gelato ice cream.

i call my friend rafi bluffing him that i came to visit him. but that didn’t work to bring him to meet me. he was in gulshan. so after wasting some more unproductive hours, i returned to the place i parked my bike. the security guard there, a young lad tells me how i caused him trouble by parking my bike at his place. now everyone, including the guard next to him knew how lame his excuse was. that place was a parking space. parking a bike doesn’t trouble anyone there. and as i tell him open and loud that i know he wants some tips before the eid and this is not the way to approach, he feels embarrassed.

but the day doesn’t end there. my friend who earlier left me on the street had returned, not out of concern for me but because he had a fight with his wife. and so i am taken back to the old philosophy that i began my day with. women are never satisfied with their lives. there’s no point in going into the details of what happened but then impartially speaking, he did make some sense. i am not the kind, who will take his friend’s side without critiquing him. i brought the defence for his wife but unfortunately i couldn’t quite protect her with the logic he provided for his prosecution.

anyways, on my way home i see cows travelling on motor vehicles and i say  ‘desh egiye jachhe…ajkal garite korey goru jai’ for there was once the cows that pulled the carts. they have earned the comforts for themselves with the development of civilisation.

but the day doesn’t end there. just before i make home completely finishing everything for the day i learn yet another lesson. this is in fact the biggest one. it’s a pity that most of us, the normal human beings are at worse state than those who are impaired. to ground that note, i find a blind man making his steps carefully so that he doesn’t bump into anyone or anything and a perfect man with no impairment bumping into the blind man. what a contrast!


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