Right now, right here, where am I?

It’s little over a month I have joined the university to finally complete my undergrad after a gap of four long years. Where have I been all these years? After quitting one at the end of 2005, I have been working at another English national newspaper in Bangladesh. This has been a great journey so far. I have been exploring new things, stumbling into new areas, like crime, politics, human rights, environment, heritage, arts, artists and personalities and many other acquaintances.
I have been enjoying the life of a journalist thoroughly for the freedom it lets to knowing everything from the scratch. That’s why they are called the jack of all trades.
Now coming back to education, so far, it’s been great going. I have the last midterm of three left for the first semester. The performance hasn’t been bad either.
But this is where I fear the pressure and workload to intervene into an otherwise sincere and committed working lifestyle. I have a constant fear and struggle about whether I will be able to live up to both the ends – work and studies.
Finance was of course a reason why I couldn’t finish my graduation by now but the lagging also owes to the freedom and independence in journalism that I became accustomed to.
In spite of a cancerian nature of constantly feeling forlornly, here I am being an optimist about life. After the long break from academic education, I have made up my mind to finish it. I do feel the pressure and fear it to be worse in the future but there is a persistent hope that I will be able to tackle it.
It’s just that I have been reminded once again, that once you come to this world, except your family, you are basically all by yourself. No matter how much you do for you work, no matter how sincere and committed you have been to your work, at the end of the day, the satisfaction remains with you.


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