a note of disgust

When a force responsible for the protection of civilians becomes the enemy itself there really remains no resort. It’s a force that has emerged extra-judicially for extrajudicial purposes. Over the last five years since its inception, it has become so powerful, that now it is literally a threat to the public. It is a public enemy. It considers no sanity, no humanity. There can be no critic, no criticism about it. It considers itself above the law.

Today when a news reporter is detained and insanely tortured because of working for a vocal newspaper like the New Age, I really find no justice being there for any civilian. He was tortured for his editor has been a strong critic and protestant of the actions of the state security forces. If this is the treatment of a reporter, than I fear, how many civilians are everyday implicated on false charges for personal and political vendetta.

It loses all the more trust and respect for our law enforcement, when I find out about how it implicates innocent people with criminal charges. I am disgusted by how low our law enforcers have gone down. I am disgusted by how they are turning worse than our criminals. I am frustrated and devastated by the fact that our law enforcers go on to plant drugs, women and arms to falsely implicate people for personal revenge or political vendetta.

I am devastated by their sheer denial of bringing someone into custody, torturing him and yet denying his detention until releasing him innocent. Their apologies sound like a hard pinch on the skin because of the ruthless torture they bring on an individual. It indeed feels a mockery when despite being tortured ruthlessly, one has to accept an apology at the end of the day for the merciless attitude brought on him unjustly by the law enforcers.

There is a limit to supporting the actions of certain forces. They cross all thresholds all the time. It seems we are paying our taxes to the government wishing for our death.


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