an exceptional axident

It was at the late hours of night. Everyone at office was gone and I just finished my work after returning from my classes. Shut down the computer, put my bag on the shoulder and got down the floors. Hopped on my white chetak and took off for the roads under the street light. As goes the habit with every Bangladeshi, everyone looks for shortcuts. I take the blame on me too. I took the wrong side to skip the roundabout.

Obviously I will try to ride on the edge of the road so that I don’t cause trouble for the vehicles on their right of way. Now if a cycle, a bicycle comes rushing in on me that too when I am taking the edge, the extreme end of the road, and the cycle collides with me, what have I to do. But anyways, the accident caused my bike the damage instead of the cycle. It had hit and blown off the front guard of my bike (bumper).


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