A year ago

I don’t exactly remember how we were introduced. For me, the memory starts from the first text I received. It was a random text related to work. It was about my recorder she needed for an assignment.

‘I dint think it wud be ryt 2 call @ this hr, so im txtin………..’

I made no mistake in getting her the recorder the next day. From then on, a new friendship had struck between the two of us. She was a very appreciative person and too innocent for those first days at work.

The texts slowly picked up pace in the next few weeks. The next I remember was a Thursday evening we went for club gelato. She had come to the office so that the two us could go out for the ice cream. I was really looking forward to the evening too. And so it happened.

We went on my bike. Had our ice cream. I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She didn’t and my heart perhaps was too excited to express itself saying out loud ‘great’. I finished my scoop pretty fast, that’s the usual me and in a moment of over-excitement and nervousness perhaps I was faster.

‘Chauvinist’ is the word she termed me when I insisted to pay the bill and so I let her do it. It started raining outside. The late evening was paving its way for deeper into the night. I left my bike. We got on a CNG and started for office.

Just after crossing Banani 11, in the midway towards the flyover, the CNG lost its control and sped into the pavement on the left. For a moment, it was petrifying. We were safe.

I got out. The raindrops felt all too good on the skin as I was looking for another CNG. She came out too. We found one and hopped in again.

There was this one lesson she told me during the ride. ‘You are innocent. Don’t let people take your advantage.’

I don’t remember what my response was. But one thing I believe in is that, no one can take your advantage unless you let it happen. And so even if someone takes your advantage, there’s no point in blaming the person for you know you are allowing it to happen. I believed it then and I believe it even now.

The CNG stopped at my office. She went out to check if her car had arrived but it didn’t. We took the CNG up to the Green Super Market, where her uncle sat at his dental clinic. I dropped her there. It was a great time we spent. There was nothing special except that it was our first hangout. It was October 9, 2008.

Life seemed to just set itself on a roller coaster ride. A week later she wrote to me:

“it was a hilarious experience. if i had taken a moment and not panicked 4 a while, i think i would have thought it to be super exciting as well, cuz i do now =P” –16-10-2008


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