I became so desperate to be where she was. I wanted to accompany her. I wanted to see the dawn with her. I wanted to protect her from that barking dog on the street in the cold foggy morning. She phone me. She told me everything. And yet it seemed incomplete. The wooden floor on the resort was so nice, she wanted to dance on it. And that boat ride on the lake right next to the bungalow was also beautiful. Srimangal became my destination next. I wanted to make my footsteps there. I was so seriously thinking of experiencing the same fun at the same place with my friends to share those same feelings with her. I enjoyed every moment of her telling me about those days. There’s where she was different from all the girls I have known. I valued her openness, to whatever extent it was. It’s just another chapter of my life. Srimangal, is one place, if I ever be, would remind me about her.


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