Of reminiscence and transition

Well, in spite of many instabilities, the mind and heart were functioning parallel. Just when everything was going normal, aims pretty much focused amidst a lot of things to do, there was a sudden break to everything. And all of a sudden he just wanted to break free, live free and go on the drive that life took him. There was her, she was the roller coaster. After many years, life seemed like kicking again. It was fun. He doesn’t regret those moments but the abrupt ending to such a beautiful beginning. He was just high on it. But as they say, time never stops for anyone and neither does life for as long as it lives.
She didn’t have to instill those beautiful memories to his mind so beautifully that it had prolonged after effects. And yet he says, he doesn’t regret those moments. She just came like a butterfly, flew off at her will.
In tribute to September 6, 08 to July 1, 09.


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