Jai Ho

Now this is one movie, when I first watched at my best friend’s house, I discussed about it with her on phone. It’s about a tea-boy who went on to become a millionaire by participating at the ‘who wants to become a millionaire’ show. This tea-boy from India was hardly expected to know everything about the world and the questions revolving it but then again he made it till the end. And his win at the game owed to his luck and the practical experiences from his life, from what he had seen.

I liked the movie. My best friend would often relate the characters to me and her. She even left those memories and wishes that when the movie appear at the Star Cineplex (we didn’t even know if this would ever happen), she wanted me to take her for the movie. Of course this wasn’t a big promise but just a part of the conversation that has gone in to the shelves down the memory lane. That’s when I listened to the song, dreams on fire from the movie most.  And now they are indeed on fire.

The movie has indeed appeared at the halls of Cineplex shown almost every hour and the rush is overwhelming for it had won the Oscar in the meanwhile. Today, I have been to the Cineplex with a colleague to watch it randomly. And throughout the time, it only reminded me of her.

In the small passage of time we have known each other she made a big difference to my life. She opened my eyes and showed me the changing colours of the world. And then she left one fine day without a trace.

In tribute to September 6 to July 1.


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