How often do you talk to strangers? Your association begins with the people you get to know over time. When you come to this earth, you meet your parents. You find your siblings and then you find out more about your other relatives. That is one association.
And then when you begin your school, you have friends and they make for one association for as long as it lasts. But except for family, most associations are stopovers or transitions along the journey of life. At least that is what I have discovered. Most associations are short-lived unless there is the urge, will and power to live up to them.
After you leave school and join college, a new wave blows in the air where you catch a fresh group of friends. Some, you have from your school, some parts away to other places and you find new friends. That develops another association.
But while you have new friends, you also lose contacts with some of your friends from school with who you have spent some of the great times.
Anyways, as you mature, you develop multiples of such associations, at work, at universities, on tours and various other meetings.
What my point is, our association changes with time and nevertheless we continue to live our lives having great times with great people. And what strikes me is that no one stops living, neither me nor you. It’s actually good to come across people, know about them and make friends and new associations but what I dislike is the changes in time that changes our association too. Not necessary that we completely forget our existing or old associations but with time, a distance develops in some of the associations that perhaps were the strongest once. And yet you have to move on.


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