Holiday out of reach

The editorial team is often off for vacations on public holidays but we at the features keep using our head on work, looking for ideas for the next issue. After a weeklong struggle to decide on a holiday tour, nothing worked out. Initially the plan was for Cox’s Bazar. The location was so appealing that some 12 members agreed on the tour. It was because of the 12 members that we could not find the accommodation at the Brac Tarc in Cox’s Bazar and so we needed to look out for a new holiday destination.

As soon as the idea was changed to Madhupur forest in Tangail, our holiday makers came down to five. So that pretty much explained that no one was interested. When my boss offered my colleagues Prito and Mamoon about the holiday, their expression was so dull that it seemed like another assignment imposed on them in the name of holiday.

So basically the location wasn’t appealing enough for our holiday makers.

Then was the idea of going to Kuakata when the list once again expanded and this time with 13 members. Prito who initially reasoned shifting house for avoiding the Tangail trip looked embarrassed for making up the excuse when the trip was switched to Kuakata. His house shifting plan suddenly changed to a week later.

But anyways, all set and done with the plan and the cost estimate, seats were not available for the trip and so it had to be cancelled and with that we were once again left to the Tangail trip when the list had shrunk back to five again. Eventually, the whole idea of a feature’s holiday had to be dropped this time.

From next time, we must plan for a vacation a month earlier if we are to celebrate it on a public holiday so that seats are available.


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