Interview on the edge of the hour

March 23

It’s 2.24am, I just returned home after a two-hour interview that I took of Nasir Uddin Yousuff who’s a freedom fighter and cultural activist. I am exhausted after the whole day’s work at office and then an interview from 12 midnight. I think I spent nearly an hour on the street trying to figure out the directions that Bachchu bhai said would take me to his house. But well with my limited road sense about those areas in particular, I left the lines of Purana Paltan, and went to North South Road, passing Gulistan and then eventually travelled back to Purana Paltan and found the appropriate streets.

Anyways, I had to take the interview tonight because I have only a day in hand to file it for the independence day special issue. The questionnaire was prepared by Kabir bhai. And so, though they looked initially out of my head and beyond my understanding, they had only managed to come to my sense after Mubin bhai gave a briefing thursday evening and later on Saturday when Kabir bhai discussed the questions with Mubin bhai, Konka apa, Robab bhai and me in detail.

So, all done about what we were expecting out of the interview, I was looking forward for the interview session because, firstly the questions were perpared by Kabir bhai, seondly, I felt I had understood the questions that initially looked alien and foremost I was excited to see how well I will be able to carry it out.

Kabir bhai had specifically instructed the four of us to tape the interviews. But I had given my recorder to my friend who I thought could need it for her interviews more than me. If I am so much in love with Campaign Bangladesh then its because of her. But anyways, now I needed the recorder but I did not want to trouble her because I knew that until 5:00 yesterday evening she had classes.

Who knew that my alternate one would ditch me straight away and then Musfeq bhai’s two days old mp3 player would not function and mahtab bhai would not be available on phone even though on the afternoon he said I could pick it up from his house in the evening. But anyways, at the very last moment, after trying all my resorts and yet all of them went in vain, I had to trouble my angel friend who I have made rush home from her evening meet with friends at Kings at Banani 11. She basically had saved my life this evening.

Although initially my interview was scheduled after six o’clock at Dhaka University TSC but it later shifted to 12 at night. Anyways, I have finally ended the interview pretty well but now I am worried about the trauma I must to undergo the whole of tomorrow to transcribe two-hours of interview and then cut it short for the supplement. I must get it done on time because after that there’s another story I have in hand to work on before I pack my bags for a long awaited holiday which quite unbelievably looks  likely to materialise coming Wednesday. I am going on holiday to Cox’s Bazar. It’s 3:00. Amar ekhon ghum pachhe.


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