American Burger

March 21

so the best part of yesterday evening was the double beef cheese burger I had at the American Burger with my school time dostos, Hassannoor, Khubbi and Huzaifa. Firstly, I left my war crime story unfinished and met at Khubbi’s for a random adda and then decided to go for dinner outside. The plan however took a lifetime to materialise. Khubbi wouldn’t take his eyes off from the cricket scores that was just about the statistics updating on cricinfo site. Hassan would get ragged by me, khubbi and huzaifa and yet lean on Khubbi shoulder like any girl would do and basically complain to him about huzaifa and me. But finally we managed to start out and though we initially planned for BBQ tonite but having reached there, we decided to turn back and go to American Burger. How indecisive and confused!

The Burger was awesome. I so loved it. And though after serving our first order, the shop turned its front lights off as part of preparing to shut down, we kept it open for sometime longer by placing a second order to fill in our stomach. And Huzaifa would justify himself saying, ‘ekta burger e ki amader poshai.’

Oh in the meanwhile, we discussed about where we could go for a holiday. Jamuna resort was the first option but Huzaifa would argue for visiting Padma resort. I preferred Jamuna cause I have heard a lot about it and am willing to visit the place. But anyways as it always does, the issue of who would take the car, whether Hassan or Khubbi would basically end the plan to going nowhere. But this time apparently we had decided that on April 9 we would be going to Jamuna for a two day trip.

So anyways, done with the dinner, the VOXY starts rolling on the streets again. And what’s amazing while driving down the Dhanmondi road, we all stopped in front of Faisal’s house. Proves how much we miss you dosto. It was quite a pause in front of your house before we drove to Khubbi’s from where I picked my bike and started home. So that’s how the day ended. I still wasn’t done with my war crime feature that I eventually finished this morning.

Yummy Burger!


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