Never felt so insignificant

March 17

I have a wonderful friend. She is going to be leaving in a very short while, at least that’s how I am put to feel every moment, with depression at times mounting thinking of the fact. But I am told in a text that she will be the only one between us to experience the painful emotion of missing me and that I can’t deny that.

I was on bike and so I couldn’t respond right away but I regretted not being able to console her feeling. Nonetheless, my emotions for her were never less than hers, at least that’s how I believe. She apparently thought that I was ignoring her texts but that wasn’t the fact.

Anyways, all was going well. We had some regular conversation on phone. I was with two other friends at Movenpick in Dhanmondi. Our conversation ended. Had some great time with hassan and my best buddy of all time.

Those aren’t the point. She called me, we were discussing about the messages in the texts we shared and whatever we talked about the past night before going to bed. All of a sudden she asked me to hold on for a second after which she disappeared for sometime and then hung up :-!

I mean she literally hung up on me while I was waiting on the line for her 😦 I still thought that perhaps she had some emergency which she’d explain to me later.

I was so wrong. Never felt so insignificant. She had hung up on me for reasons she cannot explain. ‘I don’t explain.’  Wow!

These words would not perhaps have hurt me had it come from anyone else but her? With a heart as sensitive as mine, I think sometimes I am hurt a little to quick, for things that aren’t to be taken at heart maybe. Does it even matter.

Never felt so insignificant to get hung up. But like the way they say, there’s always the first time 🙂


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